When choosing between different types of bread, taste is prioritized by 75% of consumers and at Bakels, we know the importance of ingredient reliability and consistency for bakers. This is why we are proud to introduce the new Fermdor® Active.

Fermdor® Active allows you to reproduce the authentic taste of traditional sourdoughs and forms the foundation of your bread production – simply add 3 ingredients: flour, salt, and water to make a wide range of high-quality bread with full-bodied taste, incredible flavor, and exceptional texture. The new addition to the Fermdor® assortment is a concentrated powder bread improver including active components to make premium artisan bakery products.

Whichever bread you are producing, one constant remains the same: Quality. Thanks to Fermdor® Active, you can now consistently produce bread with the authenticity associated with traditional bread.


What if you could reproduce the authentic taste associated with traditional Durum Sourdough? Fermdor® Active Durum delivers a full-bodied malty flavor to a wide range of breads and is suitable for a straight process.


  • Consistency – Fermdor® Active delivers the perfect result every time.
  • Premium-tier breads – Maximise sales potential.
  • Shorter production period – Respond to demand faster with Fermdor® Active.
  • Authentic taste and flavor – Excellent eating experience.
  • Crust and crumb texture – Complementing the taste and flavor qualities.
  • Excellent fresh-keeping – Keeping the bread bin full and the waste bin empty.

Fermdor® Active Durum was born out of our expertise in sours and our desire to give consumers unforgettable taste sensations. Bakels’ Center of Competence for Sours in Switzerland provides a whole host of specialty bread ingredients for the production of top-quality artisanal breads to delight today’s consumers, hungry for taste experiences.

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