Made from RSPO-certified segregated palm oil

Chockex Chocolate Coating is a game-changer for industrial manufacturers. Its high-quality texture and taste make it the perfect alternative to regular chocolate. With its excellent chocolate flavor, it’s perfect for coating and molding.

One of the benefits of Chockex Chocolate Coating is its ability to give a nice shine and a hard break, making it perfect for creating stunning desserts and confectionaries. Additionally, it’s suitable for coating and molding, making it a versatile option for any baking project.

Chockex Chocolate Coating is made from RSPO-certified segregated palm oil, ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing. It also does not contain hydrogenated fat or soy, making it free from common allergens.

Unlike regular chocolate, Chockex Chocolate Coating does not contain cocoa butter, which makes it easy to use and eliminates the need for tempering. This means that it’s convenient to save time without compromising on quality.

Chockex Chocolate Coating is available in Premium Dark Chocolate and Premium White Chocolate. If you’re looking for something different, additional flavors are available upon request. Try Chockex Chocolate Coating today and take your desserts to the next level!