Aromatic alpha gel emulsifiers assist, enhance, and benefit your baking products.

Discover how Aromatic Solutions can solve all the challenges you have in your manufacturing process. Aromatic Colco Mono, Aromatic Jilk, and more are guaranteed to assist in the blending and emulsification of ingredients, enhance the properties of the shortening, and beneficially interact with the components of the flour and other ingredients in the mix.

  • With ingredient costs high, bakers are always looking to get the most out of their ingredients. Optimizing emulsifier functionality will help these ingredients go further and prevent bakers from unnecessarily wasting them while ensuring product quality.
  • The most common issue is that emulsifiers must be dispersed and hydrated to function well. This is one reason why there are so many forms available. Bakers sometimes will add an emulsifier to a cold dough or batter where it will have little chance to disperse and hydrate.

Using Aromatic Alpha Gel Emulsifiers, you do not have the following issue;

  • Suppose they aren’t melted into the oil phase. In that case, bakers need to use hydrated or spray-dried cake emulsifier systems to ensure the emulsifiers disperse adequately in a cake batter mix.
  • Compared with bread doughs, cake batters get far less shear during mixing, and standard (powder) emulsifiers will not disperse adequately to come with the cake batter ingredients.
  • Bakers should consider their ingredient storage when choosing between liquid and powdered forms, hot or humid conditions can cause powders to clump and result in a loss of some functionality.
  • It is also recommended that sometimes bakers should expect to use more than one ingredient for an emulsifying system.“One common pitfall is expecting a single emulsifier to solve all issues related to dough stability, texture, and shelf life.”
  • By balancing emulsifiers with other ingredients and considering the rest of a dough/cake formulation, bakers can enhance the performance of their emulsifiers.