The current economic climate impacts every single bakery business regardless of size. We must all work closely together, find ways to navigate cost increases, and think differently.

In the past years, there has been a general trend of increasing prices for many raw materials. The challenges just seem to continue with disruption in the supply chain, costly logistics, and expensive power consumption. Inflation is impacting the entire road from the raw materials to the end products, in some cases increasing the total cost per product up to double.


By replacing your whipping agent with a high-performing Cake Gel from Aromatic it is possible to reduce 10–25% of the egg content in the recipe calculated on egg amount. Egg is usually one of the most expensive ingredients in the recipe.


Reduce food waste and optimize production and logistics by adding only a tiny bit of an emulsion. 2–4% of Dorothy or Arosoft Cake improves the freshness and prolongs a soft eating quality for several days or weeks. It provides greater flexibility in the whole supply chain.


Don’t make the mistake of trying to save money by cutting quality. Contact us for your unique needs and requirements, and we’ll help you save money while still keeping quality.

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